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Why Does My Book Not Sell? 20 Simple Fixes (Writer's Craft) - Rayne Hall

The main benefit I gained from this refreshing easy-read was a huge sense of relief. Aspiring authors, tentatively exposing their newborn creations to the world, are ruthlessly preyed upon on the web with promises of instant success if they sell their souls to marketing mania and part with some of the royalties they have not yet earned. With a few quick slashes, Rayne pares down to essentials and grants permission to simply shed the fruitless soul-destroying hyper-activity and concentrate on what will make the most difference.

After thrashing about in a bottomless pit of should and musts until I could hardly see daylight, I immediately seized and applied her simple suggestions and am now confident that I’m doing everything I can to become a best-selling author (well, let’s just say, more confident than before!) and can now get on with what I most love to do – play around with words. Her humorous writing style and anecdotes of her own mistakes had me chuckling with new hope and breathing a lot more freely.